Hello there viewers, Thomas here and I’m here to talk about the whole year being a role-model for St. Margret Mary’s Primary School. I’m going to talk about the fun times of being grade 6, the difficulties and the most memorable moments.

If anyone asked me if I had fun this year, I would I had an exceptional time and the one of those fun times was at the start of school. When I had to make an egg land safely on the ground from five feet without making it crack, or on the 12th of December where we did the mannequin challenge and especially the Inquiry projects I did  with my best of buddies. The challenges I’d faced are something I remember for generations to come. I’d had to deal with challenges like getting homework handed in on time, full of my best effort, I’d struggled with projects like the Glogsters and Literacy Matrix.

But the most remembered moment in my life being in this school, would have to be apart of the school community and being one of the most valued and remembered friend to school. Especially being me and showing the school who I am and that’s what I want tell those students who are going to High school next year. Don’t be scared and change into someone else, be yourself because that’s you and that’s your true color.

Christmas Baubles Baubles

Hello viewers Thomas here

We all know Christmas is coming, so we have created Christmas Baubles. We’ve created a Christmas picture using shapes, line pattern, color and collage. We also used straw-blowing as a form of pattern making. Have you made Christmas art if you have show down below and share it around.

SEE YA!file_000

Latudato Si’

Howdy folks Thomas back to post something about religion and what I’ve learnt in religion.

Laudato Si` is one of Pope’s messages about the world we live in and how it’s being hurt and is still is today. So he wants us to prevent this happening in future and anytime in the world. All the creations God has given us are Fire, Water, Grass, Light and Earth. I think human beings are being misused to God creations by thinking there is an infinite amount of Coal, Gas and Oil and chopping and destroying many environments.

Well Viewers I hope learnt something, I’m Thomas now hold on and I’ll see you next time Bye, Bye!

Inter school Sports!

Hello everyone Thomas here to say Inter school sports is back!

And I’m in the cricket team with Keenan, Bridget, Byron, Ella and more amazing team members. I am looking forward to getting involved in the cricket matches against other schools. The skills I am hoping to develop during inter school sports is to have a better ability to catch, throw and of course have fun around other people. And having more fun around other people and working together is what makes a good team.

I had fun practicing inter school sports, do you do inter school sports if so what is it share it in the comments down below.




Every ecosystem has an animal, every animal has a habitat and every habitats has it’s food chain. On the 21/10/16 we were learning about ecosystems and what’s in them.

Me, Emily and Keenan  ( and go and visit their blog ) were learning about the Rain forest and we learnt that 1% of natural light makes it to the floor in the rain forest.  I discovered that the rain forests cover only 6% of the earth but yet it contains more than ½ of the animal and plant population of the world! But I was surprised to find out 2000 types of plants could lead to curing cancer.
I’m most proud of what I’ve done today, I wonder if there was most mind-blowing facts! Do you know some facts about other types of ecosystems like the dessert or caves. Share them in the comments down below.



For inquiry/writing we have to pick an endangered animal from around the world. I decided to choose the Pangolin, the only mammal known to man with scales. Unfortunately it’s conservation status is critically endangered due to illegal trading and it’s way of breeding.

Here are some facts I’ve learnt about these beautiful creatures:

  • Pangolins have no teeth
  • They have a long sticky tongue that’s nearly longer than it’s body
  • It can walk on it’s hind legs
  • It has powerful claws used for digging out rock and dirt
  • It eats Termites and Ants
  • Pangolins are nocturnal creatures
  • And finally Pangolins have protective armour strong enough to withstand a lions crunch!

I really hope to help save these creatures from extinction and see them thrive throughout Africa in the future. You can adopt one of these creatures or donate to the WWF to help these exotic mammals. Do you know an animal that’s endangered comment down below and spread that knowledge.


Zoo venture!

On Monday the 9 of October my class and Miss Bek´s went to the zoo. As we were wondering throughout the zoo we were exploring the endangered ten. While I was at the zoo I found out the SOS ten animals they were Orangutan, Philippine Crocodile, Growling Grass Frog, Lord Howe Stick Insect, Australian Fur Seal, Helmeted Honey eater, Tasmanian Devil, Asian Elephant, Lion and Lowland Gorilla. I´m confused about though, I confused about how long it will take for their population to come to an end. But I want to know about how I can help these majestic animals.

I really enjoyed going to the Zoo, Thomas out!

My New Goals for 2016 – 2017

Hello everybody Thomas is back after my amazing holiday and I’m starting school and I’ve been assigned to write new goals for next year and this year. My goals will be; to achieve all my best in my work for high school to get 10/10 writing, drawing, reading, calculating, crafting skills. And finally my last goal is to be mindful around others because sometimes I can get a little bit carried away.

See Ya!


Hello Viewer’s Thomas here, to tell you what I’ve been doing in Inquiry. I’ve been learning about Issues Asylum Seekers face just like Kyaw a migrant who left his home in Myanmar leaving everything including his parents. He was treated horribly and finally left Thailand within 9 years. I find that horrible, from a nice peaceful village person to some living in fear and now happily living in Melbourne. I’ve prepared a PowerPoint which includes a IMovie, so go ahead and check it out and are you migrant or somebody you know is a migrant if so share story and we can create a better community. See ya!

Fox Presentaions

Hello there viewers it is me your host Thomas!

And I’m here to tell you all about a book called Fox written by Margret Wild and illustrated by Ron Brooks, the book was about a Dog that went to save an injured Magpie. However this Dog is blind in one eye and the Magpie has broken wing so they join together and became the best of friends. That was when a Fox came and convinced Magpie and took her far away and left in the dessert to die.

After we had read that story we had to write a description about Fox and Magpie I managed to describe them both and complete my success criteria. DO you know the book and what is your favorite part write it down below, see ya!